2013 Mass Land Conservation Conference Materials

Plenary Keynote Speaker 

Catherine Tumber, author of Small, Gritty, and Green: The Promise of America’s Smaller Industrial Cities in a Low-Carbon World (MIT Press, 2012).
Catherine Tumber presentation 

Biographies of Conference Presenters

Workshop Materials

1C. Effective Effective Legislative Advocacy for Conservation
Karen Heyman, Mass Audubon; Steve Long, The Nature Conservancy
       Advocacy and Influence Presentation (pdf)

1D. Speed Visioning II: Updating the Conservation Vision from 2010
Bob O’Connor, MA EOEEA; Kurt Gaertner, MA EOEEA; Bob Wilber, Mass Audubon
       2010 Conservation  Vision Write-up (pdf)
       2013 Conservation Vision Write-up (pdf) 

1E. Baseline Documentation Reports for Effective CR Stewardship
       Andrew Bentley, Sally Naser, The Trustees of Reservations
       Baseline Documentation Presentation (pdf)     
       Report Contents Outline (pdf)
       Property Conditions Report (pdf)
       Property Conditions Update Report (pdf)

1F.  Integrated Management for Invasive Plants & Identification with Go Botany
Elizabeth Farnsworth, NE Wildflower Society; Lincoln Fish, Bay State Forestry Service
       Integrated Management Presentation (pdf)
       Go Botany Presentation (pdf)
       Go Botany Brochure (pdf)
       Invasive Plant Exercise

1H. Basics of Planning & Funding Land Protection Projects
Christa Collins, Sudbury Valley Trustees; David Santomenna, Essex County Greenbelt
      Basics of Planning & Funding Presentation (pdf)

1I.  Amending Conservation Restrictions: Can Something Perpetual Change? 
      Jonathan Bockian, Robert Levite
      Amending Conservation Restrictions Presentation (pdf)
      Amending Conservation Restrictions Paper (pdf)

1J. Property Tax Exemptions for Land Held by Land Trusts
      Ray Lyons, Attorney; Robert Perschel, New England Forestry Foundation
      Property Tax Exemption Presentation (pdf)
      Tax Calendar for Land Trusts (pdf)

1K. Small Land Trusts: Building the Tolls for Success
Charles Knox, Mass Land Trust Coalition; Rob Cardeiro, Land Trust Alliance;
       Erin Heskett, Land Trust Alliance
       Small Land Trusts Presentation (pdf)
       Observations on Small Land Trust Report (pdf)
       Building and Governing a Land Trust (pdf)
       Funding a Land Trust Handout (pdf)
       Newsletter Handout (pdf)

1L. A New Generation of Smart Growth
      Andre Leroux, MA Smart Growth Alliance; Ina Anderson, MA Smart Growth Alliance;
      Heather McMann, Groundwork Lawrence; Buzz Constable, The Trustees of Reservations
      New Generation of Smart Growth Presentation (pdf)

2A. Property Tax Benefits & Fiscal Impacts of Conservation
Sarah LaValley, City of Northampton; Jay Closser, LandVest
      Property Tax Benefits & Fiscal Impacts Presentation (pdf)
      Property Tax Benefits & Fiscal Impacts Handout (pdf)

2B. Raising Your Voice on Community
      Cormac Collier, Emily MacKinnon, Nantucket Land Council
      Raising Your Voice Presentation (pdf)

2D. Effective Enforcement of Conservation Restriction Violations
Chris Rodstrum & Sally Naser, The Trustees of Reservations
       CR Enforcement Presentation (pdf)

2F. Funding Opportunities at MA EOEEA
Celia Riechel, Melissa Cryan, MA EOEEA
      2013 EEA Grants (pdf)

2H. The Ever-Changing World of Donation & Valuation Substantiation Rules
Stefan Nagel, Law Office of Stephen J. Small, PC; Jonathan Avery, Avery & Associates
       Agenda and Contact Information (pdf)
       Donation and Valuation Substantion Samples (pdf)

2I. The Massachusetts Conservation Land Tax Credit (CLTC)
Irene Del-Bono, MA EOEEA, Paula Pariseau, The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts
      MA Conservation Land Tax Credit Application Process Chart (pdf)
      MA Conservation Land Tax Credit Application (pdf)
      MA Conservation Land Tax Credit Regulations (pdf)
      Compact Information Handout (pdf)

2J. DIY Strategic Planning for Small Land Trusts      
      Henrietta Jordan, Trailmarker Associates
      Do It Yourself Strategic Planning Outline (pdf)
      Strategic Planning Process (pdf)
      Strategic Planning Spreadsheet (Excel)

2K. And Now, Please Put on Your Advancement Hat
      Molly Fannon Williams, Philanthropy Consultant; Gabriela Silva, Wildlands Trust
      Audit Outline (pdf)
      Development Coordinator Job Description (pdf)
      Questions When Creating Development Plan (pdf)
      Sample Gift Tables (pdf)
      Wildlands Trust Development Committee Charter (pdf)

2M. Building Vibrancy: Creative Placemaking & Gateway City Green Spaces
       Ben Forman, Gateway City Innovation Inst; Liz Nunn, Loeb Fellow
       Building Vibrancy Presentation (pdf)

3B. Great Outdoors & Gateway City Parks  
       Stephanie Cooper, Kurt Gaertner, Melissa Cryan, MA EOEEA, Div of Conservation Services;
        Brad Buschur, Groundwork Lawrence
        Great Outdoors & Gateway City Parks Presentation (pdf)

3E. Administering a Deer Hunting Program on Land Trust Properties
Dave Rimmer, Essex County Greenbelt; Russ Hopping, The Trustees of Reservations
       Deer Presentation (pdf)
       Grafton Land Trust Hunting Policy (pdf)
       Greenbelt Hunting Fact Sheet 2013 (pdf)
       Greenbelt Sample Hunting Permission Letter 2013 (pdf)
       Medfield MA Deer Hunting FAQ (pdf)
       TTOR Hunting Policy (pdf)

3F. Organizing Successful Landscape-Scale Conservation Projects
Jay Rasku, Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust; Janet Morrison, North County Land Trust
      Landowners Guide (pdf)
      Landowner Update Letter (pdf)
      Winchendon Springs Implementation Plan Summary (pdf)

3G. Legal Roundtable
      Moderator: Buzz Constable, Lincoln Land Conservation Trust
      Donation of Property 2012 vs 2013 (pdf)
      Common Law of Merger (pdf)