2014 Mass Land Conservation Conference Materials

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Workshop Materials

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1A Climate Change Resilient Landscapes & Losing Ground V
Jeff Collins, Mass Audubon; Andrew Finton, The Nature Conservancy;
  Jessica Dyson, The Nature Conservancy
1B Return on Investment in Massachusetts Parks & Open Space
- Jessica Sargent and Matt Zieper, The Trust for Public Land
1B-Sample Outreach Letter
1C Long-Distance Trail Collaboration: CT River Paddlers' & Bay Circuit Trails
- Clem Clay, The Trust for Public Land; Kristen Sykes,
  Appalachian Mountain Club; Artie McCollum, Silvio O. Conte NFWR
1D A Guide to Local Funding for Woodland & Wildlife Stewardship
- Fletcher Clark, Natural Resources Conservation Services;
  Marianne Piche, MA Div. of Fisheries & Wildlife
1E Basics of Planning & Funding Land Protection Projects
- Christa Collins, Sudbury Valley Trustees;
  Vanessa Johnson, Essex County Greenbelt
1E-Handout pdf

Landscape Conservation
- Celia Riechel, MA EEA, Div. of Conservation Services;   Emily Boss,
  Franklin Land Trust; Charlie Wyman, Mass Audubon 

1G Keeping Conservation Contributions "Qualified" Under Federal Rules
Stefan Nagel, Law Office of Stephen J. Small, PC; Jonathan Avery,
  Avery & Associates
1G-Presentation PPT
1G-Supplamental Materials
1H Massachusetts Conservation Land Tax Credit (CLTC)
- Irene Del-Bono, MA EEA, Div. of Conservation Services;
  Paula Pariseau, The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts;
  Tom Anderson, MA EEA, Div. of Conservation Services
1H-Handout pdf
1i Attracting Gifts of Real Estate for Endowment and Stewardship
- Dennis Bidwell, Bidwell Advisors
1i-Presentation pdf
1J Engaging Volunteers to Achieve Stewardship Goals
Peggy Sagan, Mass Audubon; Laura Mattei, Sudbury Valley Trustees;
  Stephen Gammon, MA EEA,Div. of Conservation Services

1J-Handout pdf

1J-Presentation1 pdf

1J-Presentation2 pdf


Climate Smart Cities - Green Infrastructure Solutions 
- Holly Elwell, The Trust for Public Land;
  Julie Wormser, Boston Harbor Association

1K-Presentation pdf
1L Revitalizing Urban Rivers and Their Communities
- Cindy Delpapa, MA Div. of Ecological Restoration; Judy Grinnell,
  Hoosic River Revival; Brendan Annett, Buzzards Bay Coalition
2A Parks & Community Health:  Fitness Zones & Outdoor Rx
Darci Schofield, The Trust for Public Land; José Massó, Boston Moves
  for Health; Pam Hess, Appalachian Mountain Club
2B Solar Fields & Greenfields - Siting Concerns & Solutions
Kurt Gaertner, MA EEA; Meg Lusardi, MA Dept of Energy Resources;
  Gerry Palano. MA Dept of Agricultural Resources; Heidi Ricci,
  Mass Audubon

2B-Presentation1 ppt

2B-Presentation2 pdf

2B-Handout pdf

2C New Resources for Improving Invasive Plant Management
- Karen Lombard, The Nature Conservancy; Julie Richburg,
  The Trustees of Reservations; Lou Wagner, Mass Audubon
 2C-Handout doc
2D The Value of Farms to Birds & the Value of Birds to Farms
- Joan Walsh, Mass Audubon; Andrew Vitz, MA Div. of Fisheries &
2E Effective Legislative Advocacy for Conservation
- Heather Clish, Appalachian Mountain Club;
  Steve Long, The Nature Conservancy

2E-Presentation ppt

2E-Handout pdf

2F EEA Partnership & Funding Opportunities
- Celia Riechel, MA EEA, Div. of Conservation Services;
  Melissa Cryan, MA EEA, Div. of Conservation Services
2F-Presentation pdf
2G Current Topics in Property Tax & Land Conservation
- Robert Levite, Attorney; Mark Robinson, The Compact of Cape Cod
  Conservation Trusts; Ray Lyons, Attorney

2G-Presentation pdf


2H Link Conservation Restriction Drafting, Stewardship, & Enforcement
Elizabeth Wroblicka, Etheredge & Steuer, P.C.
2H-Presentation pdf
2i Borrowing Money Without Losing Sleep
Ole Amundsen, Conservation Fund;
  Colin Novick, Greater Worcester Land Trust

2i-Presentation pdf

2i-Handout pdf

2J Transitions: Managing a Change in Leadership
- Ryan Mann, Westport Land Trust; Gaelan Canning, Exec Search
  Consultant; Tina Shapleigh Schmid, Westport Land Trust
2K Urban Agriculture in Boston - Growing Food, Farmers, & the Economy
- Chris LaPointe, The Trust for Public Land; Bobby Walker &
   Nataka Crayton-Walker, City Growers
2L Plan & Build Walking Routes- From MWRA Aqueducts to Rural & Urban Communities
- Stacey Beuttell, WalkBoston;
  Joel Barrera, Metropolitan Area Planning Council;
  Chris Walsh, Mass House of Representatives

2L-Handout pdf

2L-Trails Video

3A Helping Everyone Enjoy the Land: Access for People of All Abilities
- Tom McCarthy, MA EEA Universal Access Program; Stu Weinreb, 
  Mass Audubon; Ray Lyons, Conservation Attorney
3B Creating a “Farm Friendly” Massachusetts
- Ashley Davies, New Entry Sustainable Farming Project;
  Jesse Steadman, Stow, MA Planning Dept.; Christa Collins,
  Sudbury Valley Trustees

3B-presentation pdf


3C Deer Management, A Multifaceted Approach
- Thomas J. Rawinski, USDA Forest Service; Jane Anthony,
  Wood Hill Middle School; Rachel Schnakenberg, Andover High School
3C-Handout doc
3D Estate Planning Outreach:  Insights From the Field
- Wendy Sweetser Ferris, Franklin Land Trust; Paul Catanzaro, UMASS;
  Jay Rasku, North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership
3E How to Communicate Effectively to Build Support for Conservation
- Bob Wilber, Mass Audubon; Steve Long, The Nature Conservancy
3F Today’s Topics in Conservation Law
- Buzz Constable, Lincoln Land Conservation Trust; Irene Del-Bono,
  MA EEA, Div. of Conservation Services; Robert Levite, Attorney;
  Stefan Negel, Law Office of Stephen J. Small; Jonathan Bockian,
  Law Office of Jonathan Bockian

3F-Rulings/IRS Guidance

3F-Amending CRs pdf

3G Due Diligence Considerations in Open Space Purchases
Todd Helwig, Mirick O'Connell; David McCay,  Mirick O'Connell
3H MassLIFT AmeriCorps: Engaging Whole Communities in Your Work
- Sean Pollock and David Graham Wolf,
   Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust
3i Current Trends in Collaborations, Partnerships & Mergers
- Kevin Case, Land Trust Alliance
3J Mass in Motion - Creating Healthier Communities
Julianne Kelly, Mass in Motion, Fall River; Maria Evora-Rosa, Mass In Motion, Southeastern MA