2018 Conference Materials

2018 Conference Workshop Materials

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N/A Info for First-Time Attendees: Summary of terms, acronyms, and legislation Terms, Acronyms, & Legislation
1A Be the Change: Tools and Tips for Better Advocacy Presentation
Workshop Flipchart
1B Land Trusts On Front Lines of Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Crisis  
1C Hot Topics in Land Stewardsip

 Monitoring Checklist

1D Enhancing The Edibility of Conserved Lands with Native Species

Presentation Part 1
Presentation Part 2

Edible Wild Plants List

Tasty Teas from Trees

1E Land Conservaton 101

Due Diligence Links

Natural Resource Terms

1F Troubleshooting Land Negotiations  
1G Analyzing Exciting Boilerplate Clauses in Conservation Restrictions CR Excerpt Handout
1H Accounting & Financial Reporting for MA Land Trusts Presentation


Modernizing Your Website for Effective Engagement Presentation
1J Really Another Plan? Make Fundraising Planning Fit  
1K A Walk to the Park: 10 Mintues or Less Presentation
1L A Team Effort: Securing Community Gardens in Boston  
2A Forest Carbon Offsets: A Primer for Land Trusts Presentation
Forest for Mitigation & Adaptaton
Mass Audubon Carfon Reference
Selling Carbon Offsets
2B Creating Bird Habitat & Environmentally Friendly Local Wood Products  
2C Protecting Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscapes with Tribal Nations Presentation
Suggested CR Language
2D Tackling Invasive Plants: A Guide for Land Stewards  
2E DCS & MAssWildlife Grant Programs, Open Space & Recreation Plans DCS Presentation
2F Data Sources & Tools for Prioritizing Land Conservation


Datasets Guide

2G Tips for Getting it Right AND Staying Out of Trouble withe the IRS

Tips Handout

Tax Spreadsheets

Other Issues

2H Amendments for Perpetuity: Flexibility vs Precision  
2i Raising Major Gifts for Land Conservation  
2J Shaking up the Status Quo: Becoming an Effective Change Agent  
2K Building Volunteer Engagement & Service Learing in Stewardship Presentation
2L The Merrimack River Trail  
3A Using Wildlife Cameras to Inspire Land Protection Handout
3B The Water is Coming: Vulnerability, Adaption, and Nature-Based Solutions Presentaton
3C Engaging Woodland Owners in Climate-Informed Management

Presentation 1

Presentaton 2


3D Eyes in the Sky: Using New Technologies to Protect Resources Presentation
3E How to Make the Economic Case for Your Work Presentation
3F Horse Meadows Knoll: A Case Study in Partnerships & Complexity  

Today's Legal Issues & Solutions

Tax Spreadsheets Handout
Article 97 Dedication
3H Working with Div of Conservation Services on Conservation Restrictions  
3i Show Me the Money: Back to Fundraising Basics Presentation
3J Newsletters that Work: Tips for Better Content, Impact & Fundraising Presentation
3K Placemaking & Art: Making it Relevant, Keeping it Real  
3L Connecting with New Audiences: Making Conservation Lands Relevant to More People