Conservation Appraisals and OSRPs for Small Communities grant – Expanded and extended!

In an effort to meet demand for funding of Open Space and Recreation Plans (OSRPs), EEA has issued a revised Conservation Appraisals and OSRPs for Small Communities Grant opportunity.


Extended deadline to June 11, 2012

Expanded opportunities to meet OSRP reimbursement requirement:

To receive OSRP funding, the town must submit a complete application to any one of the following Division of Conservation Services grant programs in the Fiscal Year 2013 round: LAND, PARC, Drinking Water Supply Protection, Landscape Partnership, or, they may commit to holding an interest on a property that is the subject of an FY13 Conservation Partnership grant application submitted by an eligible non-profit.

The program provides reimbursement funding to towns with a population of 6,000 or below for OSRPs and/or appraisals contracted in order to apply to the LAND grant program. Funding is non-competitive; all eligible applicants will receive contracts on a rolling basis until all available funding is allocated. Towns must have an executed state contract prior to beginning work. To receive funding for an appraisal, the Town must submit an application to the FY13 LAND grant program. Reimbursement under this grant is not contingent upon the town's selection to receive funding through other DCS grant programs.

Contact: Celia Riechel, 617-626-1187