Deadline for Submission of Charitable Conservation Restrictions - October 15th

Dear MLTC community,

It is that time again, when I need to establish a deadline for submission of charitable Conservation Restrictions for those who will be seeking a federal tax deduction. Many thanks go to all those who help with the review process, especially Arthur Hughes, who has generously and graciously donated his time and considerable expertise to reviewing CRs, to Nicole Sicard, who often stays late to notarize and send out CRs, and our legal department that manages to fit reviewing the CRs into their too busy schedules! Not to mention the extraordinary patience and understanding of all of you as we do our best to get the CRs back to you as quickly as we can.

Nevertheless, we must still set a deadline -- October 15th -- for submission of charitable CRs to guarantee review in time to complete and record the CRs by the December 31st. Please do not call if you can't get your CR to us until a week or two later - Arthur and I will do our best to review every CR in a timely fashion, including those submitted after the deadline. This year is a bit more complicated because of the new tax credit program, but we will do our best to get everything done on time.

Irene DelBono

Conservation Restriction Reviewer