MESA Stands! Thank you!

August 1, 2012

Dear Friends:

Thank you for responding to our Alerts and opposing the bill to gut the Mass Endangered Species Act!

From Mass Audubon's Jen Ryan:

Formal legislative sessions are over and there is good news – the MA Endangered Species Act stands. In fact, House leadership signaled opposition to gutting endangered species protections by moving a compromise bill out of House Ways and Means which would codify the regulatory mechanism under which MESA is implemented. However, enough legislators feel that there are unresolved questions around how MESA is implemented that the bill didn’t go any further this session.

That’s fine, we can educate and have constructive conversations about the program over the fall and next spring. Moving the bill out of House Ways and Means is a signal that the legislature anticipates taking this up next session, which starts this coming January. We’ll be back at it and will need a great showing at the bill hearing, which will be next spring.

Here’s the bill The new number is House Bill 4360.

For now, thank you for your advocacy. I heard time and time again how often legislators were hearing from their constituents. Without that we may have had a very different outcome. Please consider sending a quick note to your legislators thanking them for upholding MESA!


Thank you for stepping up to protect endangered species!

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