Regulations and Application for 2012 Mass Land Conservation Tax Credit

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
 Regulations and applications for the Conservation Land Tax Credit


This note is to notify everyone that has expressed interest in the CLTC program that there is a new 2012 Conservation Land Tax Credit Application on the EEA website at this time.  (see link below)  Please disregard the older 2011 version originally listed there in favor of this new one.  No major changes, just organized in what we hope to be a more user friendly format.  If you already sent in a 2012 application with the old format you do not need to resend it.

Check the CLTC web site every so often as we will be posting additional information now and then.  For instance, within a week we will have a document posted there that better explains how we evaluate and weight the Conservation Values and Purposes presented in applications.

The CLTC program does have a $2 million dollar allocation for 2012 so applications are welcome.  Also, please note that applicants can apply for a tax credit of less than the $50,000 maximum.  Last year we gave a credit for a $20,000 donation so there is no reason not to include smaller donations in the mix.

Thank you for your interest in the program.

Link to 2012 CLTC Page:

Tom Anderson, Executive Secretary
State Commission for Soil, Water & Related Resources
EOEEA, 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston, MA 02114-2524
(617) 626-1013


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